Gutters. It’s quite amazing how this part of the roof that’s usually not given any attention is actually one of the most important parts of the house. Overlooked but necessary, it’s like the house’s plumbing system. Like plumbing systems, it of course needs to be cleaned regularly and properly for it to be functioning well. Additionally, good buyers would inspect plumbing systems and gutters to ensure they’re getting the right bang for their buck.

Good gutters vs Bad gutters

Good gutter systems will most likely not be on the ads when one is advertising a house. In fact, adding that will make the seller sound really desperate. That is because good, functional gutters are expected to be present when selling a house. Having good gutter systems may not increase the value of the house. However, bad gutters will really gut and disappoint the buyer. It will lower the property’s value.

Good gutter systems are like spies; a good spy blends in with the surroundings, unnoticed, but will do a lot of work and give you the information you need. A bad spy is noticeable and gets captured easily, becoming a huge liability instead of an asset.

Good gutters give your roof and even other parts of your home, like your walls or your garden, protection from the rainwater flowing down. On the other hand, bad gutters are simply harbingers of negative things to the house.

What do bad gutters actually do?

Clogged gutters will slow down or even stop the flow of water from the roof, making it stay there and damaging the roof. As chemistry says, water is the universal solvent. Anything that stays in water for too long will eventually dissolve, and that applies even to metals. Not only will you need to spend money and time to unclog your gutter, you will need the same or even more to repair your roof as well.

Broken gutters are also bad for your house, maybe even worse than clogged gutters. They make water flow to areas that they’re not supposed to flow to. They may flow to the foundations of the house, to the walls, or to areas in your house that are made of wood. They might flow to your garden and wreck it, or cause a puddle that stays for a long time, giving insects that need a breeding ground a home.

See all of that? A property with bad gutters is a bad property.


To reiterate, good gutters are unnoticeable yet do good work in protecting the house. They don’t raise the price of your property because a good property is expected to have a good gutter. A gutter is not a selling point, it’s a necessity.

On the other hand, bad gutters are one of the reasons why a property will have its value lowered. They will affect an appraiser’s rating on your property. Even without appraisers, good buyers that check a house will definitely include the gutters in their checklists. Bad gutters will bring more expenses, and will definitely devalue the property. That’s the reason why you should get your gutters checked by professional gutter cleaners. Get your gutters cleaned and/or repaired, and get the most out of your property now!