Is it stuffed? Do you use your garage for the purpose of storing the stuff you don’t want in your house? Everyone has rubbish. Usually the dirty rubbish gets put into the bin and your council picks it up and gets rid of it But the clean rubbish …. Maybe we will need it some time in the future. Don’t get rid of it yet. We may need that bubble wrap, that old cupboard, that three-legged chair, so put it in the garage for the time being.

But the garage has another purpose. Number 1 purpose is to provide under cover parking for your motor vehicle. Number 2 purpose is to provide storage for such things as garden tools, mowers, ladders, bikes, boogey boards, beach umbrellas, and other things that are used at particular times of the year, but not necessarily every day or even every week. 

So it seems that even if you have a big garage, the items needing to the kept there keep multiplying so that they fill up every available space. The clothes dryer broke down … get a new one, put the old one in the garage. The kid has outgrown his bike … his toys … his bed …..put them in the garage.

Does your resident handyman like to work on his projects in the garage? And is there a lot of detritus created by said projects? Of course there is. But does said detritus stay in the garage until the next time? Of course it does. Eventually things get to breaking point and the wife says in a sweet voice, “Honey, Huunnee, Will you CLEAN UP THE GARAGE”.

So a few weeks later, when you can’t find the mower, it’s in the back there somewhere, you have to do something about the stuff in the garage.

Get serious. Sort it out into KEEP, DONATE and THROW categories. Then sort out the KEEPERS so that similar items can be stored together. This makes it easier to find things. Get hold of some of those crates that are readily available at the big hardwares or reject shops, and small items can go in there. Label the boxes so you can find the things again. Bigger items can be stored on shelves, or hung from hooks. Carefully assess the space in the garage, so there is going to be enough room for the car to open its doors. Then you may consider enclosed storage cabinets, workshop type benches with peg boards for tools, etc.  It all depends on forward planning.

And if you need help with the DONATE and THROW categories, look around for a reliable rubbish remover, who can pick it all up and dispense it in the appropriate directions. Have a tour through the rest of the house, because if you’re going to use a rubbish remover, maybe there are other things that can go along at the same time. The old clothes in the back of the wardrobe that were tossed in there a few years ago. The old blankets you don’t need any more because the new quilts do the job exceedingly well. There must be heaps of things that can be culled while you are about it.