Every day your home and property fight a battle. It’s a battle between it and the elements. The sun’s rays, rain, wind-blown dust, animals, insects, mould and mildew … they all team up against your house exterior, your roof, your decks and patios, your driveway and all other exterior surfaces on your property.

And the things is, the elements will always will. Eventually. How long that ‘eventually’ turns out to be is based on the maintenance and cleaning efforts that you put into your property.

You can get down on your hands and knees and scrub, scrub, scrub away the dirt and moss and all the other contaminants, but what you’ll end up with are sore hands, knees and back, and only a half done job.

To do it right, you need some help.

And one of the things that can really help you is a high pressure water jet.

That water coming from these jets are at pressures exceeding 200 times the atmospheric pressure. What this means is that the water droplets are so tiny and so fast that they hit the ground with the force of tiny chisels and pick-axes, thousands of tiny chisels each second picking away at the dirt and whatever other contaminants are on your surface.

But the problem is this: some surfaces can’t handle that type of scouring pressure. Things like painted wood, or shingles, or other less durable surfaces.

Soft Wash Process – an alternative option.

The soft wash process still uses water, but only as a rinse. The grunt work of breaking down the dirt is done by environmentally friendly chemicals. Then, once that is done, the water rinse just washes everything away. It is a far less abrasive way of removing the dirt.

High-pressure washing still has its place; for those surfaces such as brick, pavers, stone and concrete that are more durable, using the high-pressure cleaning jets is a great, quick, clean and easy way of cleaning your surface. But for softer surfaces, like wooden fences, the roof, house sidings, asphalt shingles, wooden decks and stucco, a soft wash process will produce the same results but with less damage to the surface itself.

Are there health benefits to using the Soft Wash process?

The soft wash process is a bit better at killing bacteria, fungus and algae, which can cause all sorts of health problems in people that particularly experience breathing issues. So, using the soft wash process for surfaces overrun with mould, grime and moss, would be beneficial.

Can I DIY, or bring in the professionals?

It is easier to do high pressure cleaning yourself than the soft wash process, as you can easily rent the pressure jets from the local hardware store, but don’t expect as good a result as you would if you brought in the professionals. Professional high pressure cleaning experts have professional high pressure cleaning equipment, which are more powerful than the equipment you can buy or rent at your local store.

As for the soft wash process, the chemicals required need to be at the proper ratios to ensure a proper cleaning solution. Handling such chemicals are best left to the people who do it professionally.