Basically, the main reason why pruning is important is because it keeps the plants and trees (and our other leafy friends) healthy for a long period of time. They can take care of themselves so long as there’s a sufficient source of water and sunlight. However, once their growth gets affected by unnecessary branches here and there, that’s when they need help.

Another reason why tree pruning is done is to make the plants and trees bloom further. In fact, a lot of people prune to get more from them, like more flowers or more fruits. There are also some who want more leaves, especially if the plant has a lot of health benefits.

Nevertheless, regardless of the reason, the point is, you don’t or shouldn’t prune for no reason at all. If you prune just for the sake of pruning, you are just ruining or, worse, killing them. Pruning is a process that is a bit risky as it could harm the plant or tree, so do it only when it’s needed. And don’t overdo it!

How to Prune Properly

You don’t have to have commendable pruning skills if the plants and trees that will be pruned are small. However, large trees, specifically, are more complex and need more care, so you have to know how to deal with them to avoid damaging them. In general, though, here are some tips on how to prune properly:

1. Don’t Prune During the Growing Season

The growing season is when the plants and trees undergo drastic changes, and the last thing that you should do is interfere. There’s a limited source of water during this time, so they are weak. Wait until the growing season ends before you prune them. They will be healthy by that time.

2. Be Careful When Cutting Off Tree Branches

When cutting off tree branches, you have to make sure that you cut on the part that is not too near the trunk. Not doing this could cause damage to the bark and could infect the tree, and that’s inconvenient to deal with. If you want your pruning to go smoothly, be careful when cutting off branches.

3. Leave the Large Branches Alone

If you cut off large branches by yourself, you might do it the wrong way, resulting in infections. Keep in mind that when you cut off branches, you are wounding the tree and creating an opening where infectious organisms could come in. This is especially important to note if you haven’t dealt with large branches before. Leave the task to the experts.

4. Use Sharp Tools

When doing activities that involve cutting, it’s important that you use sharp tools. This is a no-brainer because, obviously, if you use unsharpened tools, pruning will be a bit of a struggle. More than that, the area that will be cut will look bad and might even get prone to diseases, which are both damaging. That said, choose the right tools!

5. Let the Experts Do the Pruning for You

Generally speaking, pruning isn’t an easy task. If you don’t want to cause damages, there are a lot of factors to consider, and those factors depend on the tree or plant that will be pruned. You have to do some research beforehand and do the pruning several times to get the hang of it. If you don’t want to do that, then let the experts do the pruning for you!